Why Regular Dental Exams Are So Important?

Dental health is as necessary as overall human health. The way by which we maintain our health is started from the mouth from where we eat healthy foods. Some people are very conscious of dental health. They used to go for dental exams and checkups to maintain their health. 

Dental Exams

Dental Exams

This examination comprises the examination of your teeth and a gum checkup. Many people go to the dentist every six months for their dental exam and check-up. In the field of dentistry, there are two types of names that we listen to, the dentist and the dental hygienist. The dentist is one who takes care of your teeth and gums. The dental hygienist is one who used to clean teeth and guide the patient about how to maintain oral health. For very small children there is dental pediatrics that is more trained in examining and tackling very small children.

The exams comprise tooth decay, gum disease, or any other problem in children. The examination helps in the early detection of problems and the right diagnosis is essential for the proper treatment of patients

Why Is The Need For Dental Exams And Check-Ups?

Regular dental checkups are so important for healthy teeth

If you have swollen gums or bleeding gums, which is also known as gingivitis, you may consult the dentist often. Patients have to consult the dentist about these problems about three to four times a year. In the case of a serious condition like periodontitis in which there is serious gum disease that leads to tooth infection and loss, a frequent visitor to the dentist is advisable.

Babies should have made their first visit to the dentist when they have their first tooth at the age of six months or by 12 months. After that, you can visit every six months or according to the recommendation of the dentist.

The Procedure Of The Dental Exam

Step By Step Dental Exam

The process is very simple, mostly consisting of a dental cleaning, X-ray, and mouth check-up.

  • You are asked to sit on the chair. On your head side, there is a luminous source to lightening your inside of the mouth. Then with the help of a tool, the dentist cleans your teeth. The dentist scrapes the plaque and tartar from your teeth. The plaque is the layer of bacteria that covers the teeth. If the plaque remains as it is, you did not remove it, it changes into tartar. This is a hard deposit in the underside of your teeth.
  • Then your teeth will be flossed.
  • With the help of an electric toothbrush, brushing teeth is done.
  • Then at the end tips will be given to the patient for maintaining the teeth health.

Awareness After Dental Exams And Check-Ups

Awareness After Dental Exams And Check-Ups

They are very important because they tell you which type of problem you are facing. The examination and check-up is done by X-ray as well. The x-ray is safe as the dose of radiation is very low. But this is not allowed to pregnant women.

  • Cavity
  • Gum problems like gum bleeding and swelling
  • Tooth and bone loss

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