What is the First Step in Community Organizing and Building?

What is the First Step in Community Organizing and Building?

A community is generally a group of people who share common characteristics. It is characterized by some sense of identity or belonging, language, rituals, shared norms and values, shared needs, shared emotional connection, and mutual influence. There are communities such as neighborhood associations, business associations, and religious associations. There are racial groups, ethnic groups, and heritage groups. Any community cab develops the capacity to deal with its own problems. 

Community organizing and the building is a process in which a community aims to recognize its need and to settle its disputes in a collective manner. Through this process, the members of the community become capable enough to organize themselves. It also develops confidence among them. The process of community organizing and building involves the identification of different problems of the community and the solution to those specific problems. For making the solutions possible, different structures and people are identified. It is a community-based participatory approach to change where different associations participate together addressing the needs and together implement change. It is cooperative participation. 

Purpose of Community Organizing and Building

Purpose of Community Organizing and Building

The purpose of community organizing is to make an empowerment strategy that goes for the long term that labels particular problems. The main objectives of community organizing and building are to enhance the influence and decision-making power of the depreciated groups.

Steps of Community Organizing and Community Building

Steps of Community Organizing and Building

1-Gain Entry in the Community and Recognize the Issue

The first step in community organization and building is to recognize the issue faced by the community members and gain entry into the community. In order to gain entry into the community, you have to negotiate the entrance with the allies, respected community leaders, or any person of the community who has the leadership qualities that are necessary to partner with you and help to build trust within that community. Once you get entry into the community you begin to organize people of the community in certain ways. 

2-Determining the Priorities and Setting Goals

The next step is to access the community. You need to determine the priorities of the community. Set goals to achieve for the betterment of the community. Finally, arriving at a solution and setting intervention strategy. You have to map the community’s capacity, recognize what is in the community, in the community’s control, and available to the community. 

3-Evaluation and Implementation of the Action Plan

Once the priorities and goals have been set and intervention has been selected you need to evaluate an action plan and work for its implementation in the community. While evaluating the action plan you must keep the outcomes of it in mind. It includes maintaining these outcomes within the society and looping back. Looping back can go right back to accessing the community. You’re constantly working with the community, staying in touch with the community, keeping tabs on the priorities and goals of the community, making sure that everything is still relevant to the community, and the priorities, goals, and interventions are still actively working in the community.

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