How to Start a Tiny House Community?

Are you tired of living in a large house and paying dollars for rent and other purposes? As you know that living in a large house is the most expensive task today. But you can get rid of these tensions and expenses by living a simple life in small houses. Nowadays tiny houses are the first choice for the people in US states. Those who like peace and want to live a clean and healthy life prefer to live in tiny houses. Due to these facts, small house communities are getting importance with many qualities and fewer possessions.
The tiny house communities are part of the tiny house movement that allows the people to make the tiny house together and share their skills, land support, and resources. The purpose of the tiny house community is to house the homeless people and those who are tired of spending their wholesome rent. To live in a tiny house means a changed way of living that is adventurous for more of us. This blog will provide you with guidelines to start a tiny house community.

Tiny House Movement

Behind the idea of making a tiny house, the community is the tiny house movement. This social movement supports the idea of living a simple life in a small house with comfort and a financial freedom for living. It has gained popularity due to the unique way of living life. The tiny house usually has less than 1000 square feet area. The maximum area of a tiny house should not be more than 400 square feet and less than 80 square feet. The one more thing that makes these houses unique is that they are ecologically friendly and have a wheel to move them effortlessly. The tiny house contains all necessities such as kitchen, bathroom & dining room and requires less maintenance and less management in fewer expenses. In this era of coastlines, it is no more than a blessing.

Tiny House Movement

Steps to Start a Tiny House Community

Making a tiny house is illegal, so it is not easy and straightforward to fulfill your dreams. You will need the support of political workers who can help you in engaging government agencies with you. Here is a guideline to start a tiny house community:

  • First of all, find a suitable place with zoning for small house construction. If you want tiny houses on the wheels, then it is better to look for a plot. It is essential to explain your project to the real estate agent for better help.
  • For building the community, you will need to structure a tiny house, having all requirements without which living is impossible such as drinking water supply, affordable land space, wastewater disposal, common infrastructure that can lower your cost. It is better to have a community on wheels as you can then park it in a friend’s park. It is a better option to have a tiny house community in city areas as in rural areas you will need to manage the requirements, such as phone connections and internet connection. You can contact the official involved in urban planning for your project security and professional considerations.
  • You will need to draft codes and restrictions regarding use as many tiny home communities consist of membership rather than single ownership due to zoning and building requirements.

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