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February 17, 2007

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Call for Drug testing of Members of Dail Eireann

danger @ 1:17 pm

Call for Drug testing of Members of Dail Eireann

Can’t believe we missed this; it’s a petition.

To: Dail Eireann

We believe that what is good enough for children should be good enough for politicians. Thus we believe that as Enda Kenny wants to bring in Drug testing for secondary school children, that all politicians in the Dail should also submit themselves to drug testing.

Link to petition. story.

February 16, 2007

Scienticians are the bad guys

danger @ 4:44 pm

An article on questioning our obsession with celebrity and why scientists are increasingly seen as the ‘bad guys.’

Today, the threats posed by thinking machines or genetic engineering are the workaday staples of mad, bad science. That’s just moving with the times, but the public’s reaction is the same: this stuff could be dangerous, and besides I don’t understand it. Ergo, I’ll bolster my self-esteem by putting you down because you do.

They point to this image, taken by hubble. Fantastic. Full article.

Korea Nuclear Deal Agreed

jp @ 3:46 pm

Bit late posting this, news from Tuesday: North Korea isn’t going to develop Nuclear Weapons to blow us all up just yet.. that’ll be left to other people who have nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons in North Korea will be disabled and a crucial reactor complex shut down as part of a landmark deal.

The agreement came after marathon talks held by six nations in Beijing.

International inspectors will also be granted access under the initial disarmament plan.

Under the agreement, North Korea must take the steps within 60 days and in return it will receive 50,000 tonnes of fuel oil or economic aid of equal value.

Skynews. Thanks Choda.

Sleepy Danny Glover

jp @ 3:20 pm

Friday afternoon quality celebrity news. Turns out Danny Glover is somewhat of an insomniac, he can only sleep for 2 hours a day. Story here on breakingnews.

he revealed he only averages a spartan two hours proper sleep a day so has to make up for his bed shortfall with a series of power naps between work appointments.

So to stay awake he gorges on sugary treats.

After keeping our reporter waiting while he snoozed, Glover rose and demanded an assistant “get me some strawberry ice-cream” before he would allow the interview to commence.

Legend - get me strawberry ice cream or I’m not working, if only I could get away with that

Live Earth gigs planned

danger @ 11:10 am
More than 100 of the world’s top musicians will perform at a series of worldwide concerts this summer to highlight the threat of global warming.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Eyed Peas will be among those taking part in the Live Earth gigs on 7 July.

The eight concerts were announced by ex-US Vice President Al Gore, whose global warming film An Inconvenient Truth is up for two Oscars.

Go on the Gore! Gore 2012! Full BBC story.

Gmail Open for all

jp @ 9:09 am
Google has dropped the invitation-only policy for its Gmail service and made the free e-mail service available to anyone.

Gmail was invitation-only when it launched on April Fool’s Day in 2004. It opened to the public on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day. Gmail competes with free e-mail services offered by rivals Yahoo and Microsoft.

Amazing.. Story on RTE.
Vote Google for ruler of the world!

February 15, 2007

Top 12 Movies in History That Were Ahead of Their Time

danger @ 5:06 pm

Good list of movies that were way ahead of their time when released. I’d have thrown Fight Club in there. At the end, he lists a few films released recently that he believes will be looked on as ahead of their time in years to come. And he says this after adding 300 to that list:

Yes, I’ve seen 300 and I’m already putting it here. Be ready to be blown away on March 9th.

Ireland has 9th most fortunate children in Europe

danger @ 4:05 pm

The top 10 for well-being:

1. Netherlands
2. Sweden
3. Denmark
4. Finland
5. Spain
6. Switzerland
7. Norway
8. Italy
9. Republic of Ireland
10. Belgium

Full story at BBC.

Disney slams cease and decist on Galway students for Sister Act play

danger @ 10:48 am
Members of the university’s GigSoc were in final rehearsals for a production “loosely adapted” from the Disney film Sister Act, which was to debut at the Black Box Theatre in Galway tomorrow after six months of preparatory work.

But yesterday afternoon, in a letter sent via a Dublin-based solicitor, Disney informed the students that the performance would breach its intellectual property rights and threatened legal proceedings if the play went ahead, according to GigSoc.

He said the play had attracted “fantastic support” from students of NUIG and neighbouring colleges, while there had been “record interest” from the general public. “We are dumbfounded by Disney’s stance towards what is a charitable, non-profit-making society, aimed at promoting safety and integration for the student LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community. We were just having fun.”

That’s pathetic. Copyright & IP gone horribly wrong. Disney; quick get into court to lobby for another extension of copyright. Think of the unholy damage this production would have done to the marketing potential for Sister Act. Or what possibly could have been the logic behind it? What can possibly be gained from it? Do they think the publicity gained by this will make more people go rent Sister Act? Is Disney just pure evil?

Can you imagine if a recording of this play leaked onto the internet… Sales of the original Sister Act plunging, Whoopi Goldberg unemployed, Disney unable to make anymore hit Nun related movies… the humanity. Irish Times story. Gig Soc homepage.

Dubrovnik: Calm down Irish wedding parties

danger @ 10:34 am
Senior clerics in the historic Croatian town of Dubrovnik are fed up with poorly prepared wedding couples and their scantily clad female guests taking over their churches and placing unreasonable demands on their priests.

Full story. ‘Scantily clad female guests’? In Church? Maybe it’s time to reconsider my religious leanings?

Pilot scheme for booze buses to start

danger @ 10:32 am

We covered this recently; the idea for evening rural transport; seemingly to ensure that drinkers can get to pubs without driving in rural areas. At the time, commenter Adam said:

I hope they passengers will need to pay a fare to make the service commercially viable? If so, it can be compared to the nightlink service in Dublin, if not the state is sanctioning, paying for and encouraging people to go out and drink heavily.

I feel sorry for any businessman or woman that has to close up their company, but market forces are market forces and the State should not interfere to prop businesses up where customers aren’t bothered enough to make their own way there.

Now Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs Minister Éamon Ó Cuív has ‘agreed the parameters for a pilot scheme.’ Irish Examiner story.

Flaming Lips: Laser pointers at Vicar street

danger @ 12:59 am

Cool footage from November last year at the Flaming Lips concert in Vicar Street where they handed out laser pointers to everyone in the audience.

via spoilt. Also a Flickr set from the same tour but somewhere else.
Official Flaming Lips site.
The Flaming Lips previously at TCAL.

Top Gear in Alabama

danger @ 12:26 am

You may have seen this; it was on Sunday nights Top Gear - Before driving through Alabama, the guys paint each others cars with slogans such as ‘Man Love Rules OK’, ‘I’m bi’ and ‘Nascar sucks’ and then get into trouble with locals when they stop for petrol. It’s unclear how much danger they were really in but it’s still great tv. In fact the whole road trip was fantastic and well worth catching on repeat if you can. Top Gear in Alabama at devil ducky.

Sulphur Hexafluoride

tim @ 12:21 am

Nice one Lee!

Wikipedia for Sulphur Hexafluoride.

Guinness new ad - A Short Film Called Hands

danger @ 12:02 am has a few flash widgets to play with, like making your own hands movie. Thanks Dave.

February 14, 2007

Irish 17 year old gets painting exhibited in Tate Modern

danger @ 2:20 pm

Yesterday, life for 17-year-old Jenny Ring was sitting a mock exam at St Paul’s college in Greenhills, Dublin city, trying to concentrate on her exams.

But all the while, her thoughts were drifting to the Tate Modern gallery in London where next month one of her paintings will be unveiled at the international Dreams and Reality exhibition.

Irish Examiner story. Doesn’t seem to be anything up about the exhibition at the official tate website yet.


Steph @ 2:09 pm


Live version

Saved version, just in case they spot it and update it (2pm GMT)

Someone got a little distracted by the strawberries and chocolates and didn’t do a spell check!

Cocaine to become official currency of Peoples Republic

danger @ 2:00 pm
Accoring to a new survey, one in five young people in Cork are using cocaine.

A new survey has found that 20% of 18 to 35-year-olds use the drug, with many taking it on a daily or weekly basis.

That’s impossibly high. No doubt there is a huge culture of use, but 1 in 5? Really? story.

The Police - world tour confirmed

Steph @ 11:13 am

The Police Tour

All soft drinks getting health labels

danger @ 10:28 am
New health labelling providing information about the salt, sugar and fat content of all soft drinks is to be introduced over the next few months.

Members of the Beverage Council of Ireland have agreed to provide “guideline daily amounts” on their products.

Full story. Nice of the Beverage Council of Ireland to agree to that, hovering up there in their super star destroyer.

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